11th March 2024 by

Page Breaks: K-pop (1pm, Mon 18 March)

Following our session last term on fandoms, we are delving deeper into the world with a Page Breaks dedicated to K-pop (Korean pop music)! We will focus on the parasocial relationships found in the K-pop fandom and the different iterations, meanings, and implications of the fandom.

Reading an article from Teen Vogue about fandoms, specifically K-pop, will help us to understand what a parasocial relationship is, while the Radiolab podast episode, ‘K-poparazzi’ gives a great overview of K-pop, fame, and the K-pop fandom. 

See you all there!

When and Where

1pm, Monday 18th March, Arts 250 (Fage Room)

The room is on the second floor of the Arts building


You can access a PDF of this week’s texts on our password-protected page – email Dorothy (d.butchard@bham.ac.uk) for the password.

  • Radiolab ‘K-poparazzi’ podcast episode (Listen here)
  • Stitch ‘On Parasocial Relationships and the Boundaries of Celebrity’ (Read here)
  • Optional! ‘”Being in a knowledge space”: information behaviour of cult media fan communities’ by Ludi Price and Lyn Robinson (Read on our site)