Introduction to Myself and Why I Chose Birmingham

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Hello! My name is Marie Law and I am a second year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Birmingham. Living in Birmingham has offered me all kinds of entertainment, along with different cuisines from countless restaurants.  My main hobbies are swimming, cooking and listening to music. I like to socialise with people of different backgrounds because it is always exciting to hear about their life experiences and diverse opinions on certain issues or current affairs. I am also a very optimistic and adventurous person who hopes to bring happiness into people’s lives.

Mechanical Engineering is a course involved with a variety of topics and may be complicated at times. I had first chosen to study the subject because Mathematics and Physics are my favourite and strongest subjects. I have always been interested in the mechanism of objects and how scientists are able to use equations and numbers to describe real life situations. As the world is getting more and more advanced, it is stunning to see how far technology has come within the past decades. By studying this course, I wish to learn more about the systems and manufacturing of robots or other automated inventions, eventually to make changes in the future and help solving societal issues.

I have not once regretted choosing the University of Birmingham, an outstanding university in the UK’s second biggest city. It is one of the 24 universities from the Russell Group, which commits to conducting leading research, maximise teaching and learning experiences while collaborating with business or public sectors. Studying a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programme heavily relies on a student’s practical ability. The university has accommodated such needs with its investments on all-round facilities and teaching staffs, for example the new Collaborative Teaching Laboratory and professional computer science applications. My academic experience has been fulfilling so far and the skills that I learn will prepare me for pursuing my future career!

Look out for my next blog on the Birmingham Christmas Markets which will be out next month!

Me (top left) along with my friends at the Botanical Gardens which are right next to the University!