Why I Chose Chemical Engineering at UoB

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Hi! My name is Batool, I am currently in my 3rd year at UoB studying the Chemical Engineering MEng course. When it came to deciding which course I wanted to study at university, I made sure a combination of factors influenced my choice – after all, it was going to take at least 3 years from a very crucial period in my life! Firstly, I set the goal of ensuring the hard work I invested at A-level would pay off; at least to the extent of meeting the University’s grade requirements. Meeting the minimum grade requirements for the course was not the goal I set for myself, but to excel and achieve above and beyond it. This is because I’ve grown to learn that the perspective one needs to develop when acquiring education shouldn’t be solely to ‘climb onto the stage’, or to pass a certain exam and obtain a certain grade – but that we should be fond of the learning process, because it is enabling us to become skillful humans that will have the ability to use the knowledge acquired to contribute towards the betterment of human society, in the future. This changed the learning experience for me, from a stressful to an enjoyable one.

A major aspect in the decision making process also came from researching about the possible degrees I can pursue with my A-level subjects – they were Maths, further Maths and Chemistry. After researching all the degrees out there, engineering to me felt like a holistic one that combined many elements; it allows one to develop skills in the area of theoretical and applied science, modelling and software, business and marketing, economic analysis and project managing. It seemed to me that engineers were at the forefront of confronting current major world issues that need solutions, and it felt amazing just imagining that one day I may be able to assist in that realm!

The University of Birmingham is extremely large, diverse and comes with many opportunities. Had I not attended the open day, I would have most likely not placed Birmingham as a top priority – as it was experiencing it myself that really pulled me towards it. Since joining the university, I have had the opportunity of partaking in different societies, including the Ahlulbayt Islamic Society which I have been chairing for 2 years now. We have carried out many enjoyable events and campaigns, as well as collaborative events, from discussion topics on a range of philosophical topics raising awareness about food poverty in the UK and injustices taking place around the globe; it has really given me the opportunity to learn more about important issues affecting those less fortunate around us, and has been an honour to actively partaking in initiatives to help tackle and raise awareness about these issues. I’m very blessed and glad that the University provides these sorts of opportunities, and definitely recommend newcomers to consider partaking in extracurricular events they feel passionate about!

Below are a few photos of the activities we take part in in the Ahlulbayt Islamic Society!