My Christmas Break: From India to Equations

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At the point of writing this, I feel both relieved and stressed at the very same time. A great way to start 2019 maybe? Spending the last month in India has been exhilarating with something new happening around me every single day. From weddings, to suffering from viral bronchitis and being bedridden for a few days to falling off a scooter whilst riding on the streets of traffic ridden Ahmedabad and escaping with just a scratch – it feels quite good to be looking forward to coming back to Brum (even if it’s just for a night). This was a purely holiday based trip, and had nothing to do with the University; something quite different from what’s happening next week. Before going into that, I NEED to tell you guys how stressed I am because after telling myself that I’ll do an hour of uni work every day over here and having completed absolutely nothing, I have a mountain of equations waiting for me and an ocean of stress. It’s okay though… a 24/7 Library (courtesy of the uni) in the palm of my hand and dedication should have me up to date in absolutely no time.

Now for the real excitement, something I’ve been looking forward to for a while now. Tokyo, Japan. In my first blog, I briefly mentioned a social mobility charity I work for that operates by the name of Debate Mate. I’ve been given the opportunity to attend the PDWC in Japan and deliver training to students to prepare them for the debating competition that awaits them where I’ll also be judging! A lot of responsibility, but also a lot of enjoyment. This charity has probably been the best thing to come out of University for me and it’s something that wouldn’t have been possible without the help of UoB. At the start of the year, they run many careers and jobs fairs where a bunch of amazing organisations gather in one place for the sole of purpose of recruiting great young minds like you and without this career fair – I would never have known about Debate Mate.

I’ve spoken about the careers and jobs fair that happen at the start of the autumn term, but what I haven’t yet mentioned is the vast amount of resources available from designated Careers advisors in your department and online across the University portal. My point from all this is that no matter what you want to do during your time in Birmingham, the University will 100% support you through it all so there’s absolutely nothing to fear at all.

All the way from Mumbai, I’d also like to wish you all a belated Happy New Year!

The streets of Surat, Gujarat