Activating Communities for Regional Renewal

Alison Park, Head of Creating Opportunities of Improving Outcomes, UKRI, and Deputy Executive Chair of ESRC looks at the importance of research and innovation to the UK, and how the Local Policy Innovation Partnerships (LPIPs) program addresses this importance by fostering collaborations tailored to local needs in economic growth, health, and community engagement. This blog … Continue reading “Activating Communities for Regional Renewal”

How International Success Factors Can Accelerate Levelling Up in the UK

Jeffrey Matsu, Chief Economist at CIPFA, explains how levelling up in the UK can be accelerated if we look at and apply levelling up success factors from Cleveland, Fukuoka, Nantes and Leipzig. We often look to others to understand ourselves better. If we want to improve and develop, whether professionally or personally, it can be … Continue reading “How International Success Factors Can Accelerate Levelling Up in the UK”

Checking the Logic Behind Your Project

Megan Streb, from What Works Growth, discusses how logic models should be an essential part of your project planning. Here are some common scenarios in local authorities: The people in the scenarios above could likely all benefit from developing, or refining, a logic model. Logic models set out where you are (the need and context), … Continue reading “Checking the Logic Behind Your Project”