Introducing me – Shirin Anari, 2nd year BMedSc

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Hello, my name is Shirin Anari and I am a current Second Year student studying Biomedical Materials Science (Biomaterials) at the University of Birmingham.

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of all things Biomaterials and University related, I think it is important for you to know a little about the stranger behind the words! Hopefully the answers to these immensely important questions means we will be more closely acquainted…

Dogs or cats?

Oh, definitely dogs! I have two rescue dogs called Milo and Betty and they are very much missed when I am at uni.

What do you do in your free time?

I love music and I am always on the hunt to listen to some very obscure eclectic indie/rock music. I also play the piano and the guitar- not sure I am the next Jimmy Hendrix but here’s to trying!

I have recently picked up yoga and meditation and it really does relax me especially after a long day- as well as reminding me how inflexible I am! A lot of the time I try and spend time with my housemates whether it be watching the highly gripping winter series of Love Island (who knew we needed two of these in a year?!) or eating dinner together.

What societies are you part of at university?

Biomaterials Society, Med Soc, Yoga Society, New Street records (the university record label) and I am the Activities Coordinator of Buddy A Granny Society (a volunteering group who visits elderly people with dementia in care homes).

Pineapple on pizza?


Favourite song?

Oooo it is always changing- I think one of my all-time favourite songs would be Tender by Blur.

If you could have one superpower what would you have?

The ability to make everybody laugh- I would certainly have a stable career as a comedienne!

How would you describe the biomaterials degree/course?

Biomaterials is the study of materials that come in contact with the body. Some commonly known biomaterials are hip implants, dental implants, stents, pacemakers, contact lenses and much more.

The scientists that develop new biomaterials need to have an appreciation for the anatomy of the human body, the material and mechanical requirements of the material they want to use and an understanding of the biological processes that occur in the body on a cellular level. This means that the scope of the course is extremely broad yet detailed. There are three main disciplines that I think that the course encompasses: medicine/medical science, dentistry and material science. We are based mainly in the Dental School, Medical School and Metallurgy and Materials.

What do you love about your course?

I love how diverse and challenging it is. By no means is this course easy! There are a lot of contact hours and our modules cover such broad topics but the content is extremely interesting and you can’t get bored.

I also think that the academics on this course are incredible. As well as being very knowledgeable they are always so generous with their time and support.

What has been your favourite module/part of the course so far?

I would say Dental Materials in year 2, it is such fascinating module- it incorporates some chemistry fundamentals and it amazes me how much there is to consider when placing dental restorations. Also, the Phantom Head practical sessions that couple onto the lectures are so much fun. We are placing dental restorations on human teeth (don’t worry they aren’t in patients!) and it is so helpful to have the practical aspect to reinforce what we have learnt in the lectures and I love the fact it is hands-on.

What is a typical day at uni life for you?

Well I shall leave that for another blog post so that is to be looked forward to!

And that is all for now…that is a little about me and my course. I hope it has been interesting read and hopefully I shall see you back soon for another blog post!


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