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As you will be aware, the past few months have seen colleagues across the University involved in extensive testing and final preparations for the launch of New Core, the replacement for our existing finance, HR and payroll systems. The significant commitment and engagement of everyone involved has been greatly appreciated by the University Executive Board, SPRC and Council.

Unfortunately, despite the huge effort and hard work of all involved, it has become apparent that the planned ‘go live’ date of February 2019 is no longer viable. Although the main HR, finance, payroll and research functions are working well and have been comprehensively tested, there are a small number of essential integrations with other University systems that require further work, most importantly the link to the Banner student records system. Clearly, it is vital that a system as important as this works effectively from the start and we believe it is the right decision to take more time to be confident that this will be the case.

UEB has agreed that the revised go live date will be June 2019. This provides sufficient time to complete the work required on the integrations, and is a time that minimises disruption to academic activity and the financial year-end.

This has not been an easy decision to make, and it is important to reiterate that it is in no way a reflection on the dedication of those involved in New Core who have worked exceptionally hard on a highly complex project to get it to its current position; it is the largest implementation of its kind in Europe. The extensive work that has already been undertaken across the University in preparation for New Core will form the foundation for the coming months as we move towards the new system in June.

In the interim, the existing HR, finance, payroll, and research grant management systems that were due to be replaced by New Core will still be available, so the regular business of the University will continue as usual in these areas. The New Core training, drop-in sessions and Town Hall meetings already scheduled will also continue.

If you have any immediate New Core questions or would like to discuss in more detail, please contact the team at or visit the intranet at


2 thoughts on “New Core go-live announcement”

  1. Thank you for giving updates on the implementation of New Core system. Due to the delay that has been detailed in the recent update would you be able to inform me as to the date that the Proactis system will be reinstated to counter the delayed implementation of New Core?

    Kind regards,
    Garret Rochford

    1. Hi Garret, It is anticipated that access to all existing HR, Finance, Payroll and Research Grant Management systems will resume by Friday 25 January. Users will be notified as each system access is restored.

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