Module Focus: Practical Epidemiology and Statistics (15.02.15)

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This year we ran the new PEAS module for the second year running. Last year we totally revamped an old module, re-wrote all the material and restructured the entire module. So this year, we made some small changes only, and let the module pretty much run itself. We hope you liked it. We really wanted to get across some of the core basics of epidemiology,  help you see how this type of evidence can be used in the real world and also show you the way you should report results from different types of studies.

We’ve still got work to do, but the feedback we get from this module (take note other module leaders!) is great and so this makes PEAS a really enjoyable module to run.

The students are brilliant – keep us on our toes. They learn lecturers don’t always agree, and witness some heated academic debates!

PEAS Assignment Results:    Mean: 58.2    High: 75


Written by Amanda Farley and Karla Hemming – PEAS module leads

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PhD Student, International Public Health

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