Introducing the new MPH Deputy Programme Director – Raoul Reulen (August 2017)

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 Written by Dr Raoul Reulen 

On behalf of the Institute of Applied Health Research I would like to welcome you to the Master of Public Health programme.

I recently took over as Deputy Director of the MPH and was appointed as the new Post-Graduate Teaching Lead for the Institute after being the Institute’s Director of Graduate Studies for the last three years (2014-2017). I completed a PhD in Cancer Epidemiology in 2009 at the University of Birmingham and before that I completed two MSc’s at the Maastricht University (Netherlands); one in Epidemiology and one in Health Sciences. My primary research interests are in the field of cancer survivorship, particularly the long-term complications of cancer treatment in individuals diagnosed with cancer before age 40 years.

I hope you will enjoy your time in Birmingham and wish you all the best on the MPH.

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PhD Student, International Public Health


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