Where were we?

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Oh, yes!  Busy co-editing The Routledge Companion to World Cinema.

In my absence one of our contributors has pulled out.  Yes, this close to the deadline for submission.

All together now, ohmmmmm….ohmmmmm…

But two very promising drafts have been submitted along with one revised  chapter and the feedback on my own chapter was that it “could do with editing down, and in particular the first few pages, so you get to talk about cinema that bit quicker. As it is a long chapter, I think some of the preamble could be reworked.” (Translation: We rumbled that at least for the first few pages you had no idea what you were talking about.)

I’ve also been discussing the production of related video essays with B-Film’s Richard Langley and various synergies with James Walters, who is Head of the Department of Film and Creative Writing here at the University of Birmingham. So, although this place has nothing on a coastal hotel in Kefalonia with a large swimming pool, sumptuous dining and baking weather with interruptions for thunderstorms and earthquakes (no kidding!), it’s almost nice to be back.




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