Innovating Pedagogy 2019

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Innovating Pedagogy 2019, is the latest in a series of annual reports by the Open University, which attempt to explore novel approaches to education which have the potential to transform learning and teaching. You can find a MicroCPD on this topic, here. And you can add your own thoughts on the report below.

Previous editions of Innovating Pedagogy emphasised the exciting opportunities afforded by social media. Yet more recently the darker elements of social media have since become much more apparent. Benefits to online learning include access and convenience yet these same features can also inadvertently create a culture of 24/7 working. Do you think there are any items in this report that are being framed too optimistically; how can we make sure we are enabling the more positive elements rather than the negative?

The selection criteria could be considered somewhat subjective. And the authors of the report do admit that they have deliberately selected some pedagogies which they hope will become more prominent and are therefore seeking to encourage them. In light of this, does this list align with your own expectations and hopes for the future of education? What difference would there be if you were to make an equivalent list?

Some of the pedagogies listed might be harder to apply than others. Notably, Roots of empathy has been developed for school children. Do you have any real-life examples of how items in the report relate to your current practice? What has been effective or ineffective in your own teaching or learning?

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