2nd August 2018 by

16/07/18-20/07/18 : Arctic freeze in G25

Cold Simon
Simon braving the sub-zero conditions.

This was another action packed week, getting to grips with the tools we need for this internship. We started the week working on the Year 1 canvas pages for chemistry and had them finished by the following day, after which we began our HTML and JavaScript training. This was challenging at first but before long we were building our own pages, making quizzes as well as forms like the ones we’ll be making in maple. Our Garfield and Lion King quizzes were definitely a hit although I have my doubts as to whether they’ll make it into next years course.

All the while we were based in G25 in Nuffield, a room so well air conditioned that even though it was close to 30 degrees outside we still needed to bring sweatshirts in to stay warm. However despite the harsh conditions we struggled through with only a quick meeting in Chem Eng on Thursday to break things up. Simon and James have also come very close to mastering juggling although the rest of us have some catching up to do!

On Friday we finished the week by starting on the Year 2 Chemistry content and looking ahead to a busy week full of meetings.


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