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LCAHM Electric Cinema luxury cinema experience winner, Dean Abuwarda

Each term, we have a different competition for our students to enter. Last term’s was to win a luxury cinema experience for two at the Electric Cinema, the UK’s oldest working cinema. The competition winner was Dean Abuwarda (UG Aff CML Open Access PT) who chose to see ‘The Gentleman’. Here is his review:

“The movie is about Mickey Pearson who is an American expatriate living in London who as a growing individual is very clever and gets an offer from oxford. He goes onto the university and starts selling marijuana to the rich students. He uses his wit and cleverness to became rich by building a marijuana empire in London but has no intention in hurting anyone. However later on the years he decides he wants to sell his business and become clean and retire. However, this triggers an array of plots and schemes from rivals who want his fortune without paying him. The movie ends with him keeping his business and winning over the plots against him.

Overall i found the movie is very cleverly created using humour, comedy, trust, action. It conveys a message of doing the right and not siding to do the bad things as easy as it may seem for you to do them. As the gain is very little to the negatives you would receive. As later on in life it will stay with you and haunt you. Following you from blood trails to hiding and much more. As much as the movie is a gangster crime action thriller. It is created in such a way that you side with the king of the marijuana empire. Who is brought to us as an individual who is running a business to live and not hurt anyone in his path and this is very evident unlike his rivals.

A very enjoyable movie thriller to watch and gets your mind thinking in all the plots created in the movie. I do recommend a watch and rate it highly.”

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