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LCAHM UG Haby Cisse tells us how she celebrated Eid under lockdown

Hello. I hope everyone is coping well with the current situation. First of all, Eid Mubarak to my fellow Muslims. Today, I will tell you how I celebrated Eid this Sunday!!! This year’s celebration was different than usual, the reason being Covid-19. When I was living in Germany, on Eid my family and I would wake up early and we would all go pray at the Mosque. After that we would go back home and some of my uncles will come with us and we would have breakfast together. On Eid we would also put on traditional clothes. Later on, other relatives would join us, and we’d celebrate together. A week later we would go celebrate Eid with all our relatives that comes from the same village (Waoundé, Senegal) in a place we rented. Here is what I wore 2 years ago during the celebration. I am wearing traditional clothes.

Unfortunately, I could not celebrate Eid with my family this year because of the corona virus but at least I was able to spend it with some relatives. We woke up around 8:30am and started to cook. After we finished, we put on our traditional clothes and ate.

Meat, onion sauce, rice & tomatoes, plantain banana

Chicken & fried potatoes, red, yellow & green peppers,
cucumber, tomatoes, beetroot, carrot & a mix of sauces

We took pictures and then called some relatives and my parents as well. Around 6pm, I went to the park with my cousins and played football. In the evening we then watched TV before heading to bed. This year’s celebration was rather simple but hopefully next year everything would go back to normal.

Here is what I wore on Eid. Since my traditional clothes are in my house, my aunt lent me one of hers.

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