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Rama Navami

Ram(a) Navami (21 April) is a spring Hindu festival celebrating  the birth of Lord Rama, son of King Dasharatha of Ayodhya. Rama was an incarnation of Vishnu and the hero of the Ramayana, the Sanskrit epic of 24,000 stanzas. A continuous recital of the book takes place for about a week prior to the celebration and, on the day itself, the highlights of the story are read in the temple.

The festival is a focal point for moral reflection and being especially charitable to others.

Rituals and ceremonies

The house is thoroughly cleaned and decorated on Rama Navami. Offerings of fruit and flowers are placed on the family shrine and, after an early bath, prayers are recited.

The youngest female member of the household leads the puja (prayers) by applying a red tilak (mark) to all the other members of the family before everyone joins together in worship.

An image or picture of baby Rama is placed in a covered cradle. At noon the covering is removed and Prasad (special sacred food) is offered to Rama, which may then be shared amongst the congregation.

There is an element of fasting. Some people don’t eat certain foods, particularly things like onions, garlic, some spices and wheat products.

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