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Festa della Repubblica 2 June

Festa della Repubblica is celebrated on 2 June each year and marks the referendum of 1946, which resulted in the creation of the Italian republic.

Italy became a nation on 17 March 1861, when most of the states of the region were united under King Victor Emmanuel II, hitherto king of Sardinia.

On 2 June 1946, a referendum on the monarchy led to the establishment of the Italian republic, and Italy adopted a new constitution on 1 January 1948. Male members of the royal family were sent into exile because of their association with the fascist regime and were only allowed to return to their country in 2002. Italy’s constitution now forbids a monarchy to ever rule again.

The main celebration takes place in Rome and includes placing a laurel wreath as a tribute to the Unknown Solider at the Altare della Patria by the President of the Italian Republic and a military parade along Rome’s Via dei Fori Imperiali

A highlight of the day is the flyover by the Frecce Tricolori when nine Italian Air Force aircraft soar overhead the parade sending streaks of green, white, and red smoke into the sky.

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