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National Poetry Day (7 October)

National Poetry Day is a UK-wide celebration of poetry and this year’s theme is Choice.

There is a selection of poems here https://nationalpoetryday.co.uk/celebrate-national-poetry-day/ to get you inspired and engaged, plus an online events listing.

One of the many poems featured is ‘Instead’ by Brian Moses

Instead of an X-box
please show me a pathway that stretches to the stars.

Instead of a mobile phone
please teach me the language I need to help me speak with angels.

Instead of a computer
please reveal to me the mathematics of meteors and motion.

Instead of the latest computer game
please come with me on a search for dragons in the wood behind our house.

Instead of an e-reader
please read to me from a book of ancient knowledge.

Instead of a digital camera
please help me remember faces and places, mystery and moonbeams.

Instead of a 3D TV
please take me to an empty world that I can people with my imagination.

Instead of electronic wizardry
please show me how to navigate the wisdom inside of me.

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