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Bagpuss is 50!

Bagpuss, the most magical, saggy, old, cloth cat in the whole wide world, is 50.

The children’s show first aired on 12 February 1974. Made by Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate, Bagpuss lived in a shop that was a home for lost property.

Only 13 episodes were ever made, the programme and it has remained a much-loved watch down the generations and was voted the all-time favourite children’s programme in 1999.

Bagpuss would come to life after Emily left the animals alone, with the film then changing from sepia to colour. And when Bagpuss awoke, so did his friends: Professor Yaffle the woodpecker bookend, Gabriel the toad and Madeleine the rag doll, as well as the musical mice on their magical mouse organ.

Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate also created ‘Pogle’s Wood’, ‘Noggin the Nog’, ‘Ivor the Engine’ and the editor’s all-time favourites (which she knits!) ‘The Clangers’!

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