Hinamatsuri 3 March

Hinamatsuri is an annual festival that takes place on March 3rd and is associated with the start of spring. It is known as ‘Girls Day’ in English. The festival prays for the growth and prosperity of young girls. One way it is celebrated is with the display of traditional Japanese dolls called hinaningyo at home. … Continue reading “Hinamatsuri 3 March”

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La Chandeleur: Celebrating French Tradition

La Chandeleur, celebrated on February 2nd, holds a special place in French culture. While it’s often associated with crêpes, its origins trace back to some ancient pagan rituals and Christian traditions. Historically, it marked the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, symbolising a transition from the winter season to spring. Nowadays, La … Continue reading “La Chandeleur: Celebrating French Tradition”

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Martin Luther King Jr Day

Martin Luther King Jr Day (15 January) celebrates the life of civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr who fought for racial equality in America. His achievements include founding the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1957 and leading the 1963 March on Washington. At this march he delivered the famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. … Continue reading “Martin Luther King Jr Day”

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Hanukkah Sameach!

Hanukkah (7-15 December) celebrates the re-dedication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem in the 160s BC. After outlawing the Jewish religion and Jewish practices, King Antiochus IV decreed that Jews must worship Greek gods in the Temple. The word ‘Hanukkah’ means dedication and commemorates the triumph of a band of rebel Jews known as the Maccabees … Continue reading “Hanukkah Sameach!”

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St Andrew’s Day 30 November

Andrew, also called Saint Andrew the Apostle, (died 60/70, Patras, Achaia [Greece]) was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus, the brother of St. Peter and a son of Jonah. He is the patron saint of Scotland and of Russia, as well as many other countries including Greece, Barbados and Romania. Both he and his brother Peter were fishermen by … Continue reading “St Andrew’s Day 30 November”

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Diwali is known as the festival of lights as the festival symbolises the victory of light over darkness. It festival takes place at different times of the year as the Hindu calendar is based on the moon. In 2023, Diwali falls on 12th November. The festival lasts five days and honours the goddess of wealth, … Continue reading “Diwali”

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