Chinese/Lunar New Year – Thank You

A heartfelt ‘Thank you!’ to everybody who attended, co-ordinated, filmed, set-up, took down and otherwise contributed to the Spring Festival and Lunar/Chinese New Year Celebrations last week. This was our biggest event to date and witnessed collaboration amongst all five colleges, the Guild of Students, Various Student Societies, Wok Fresh and the China Institute at … Continue reading “Chinese/Lunar New Year – Thank You”

18 February 2019 by

Year of the Pig Celebrations – Chinese/Lunar New Year

The Cultural Calendar’s biggest event to date is here: the Year of the Pig, Spring Festival and Chinese Lunar New Year. We’ve got performances, concerts, workshops, VR experiences, food offers, a mountain of fortune cookies, and traditional, red new year gift envelopes to hand out across campus. Old Joe will also turn red to mark … Continue reading “Year of the Pig Celebrations – Chinese/Lunar New Year”

23 January 2019 by