International Women’s Day – A Retrospective

Last Friday the University of Birmingham celebrated International Women’s Day. The day commemorates and celebrates the achievements, history, and political activism of women across the world. The day is a period to reflect on women’s suffrage, as well as a time to engage with inequalities and disparities that effect women in society today. To commemorate … Continue reading “International Women’s Day – A Retrospective”

17 March 2019 by

The Ambassador Experience (Chinese/Lunar New Year)

Contributed by Belle (Tanyapa Tantrasadetee), Fancy (Zefang Zhang) and Nicolette (Ning Lee) Thinking about taking part in a future celebration as a Cultural Calendar Ambassador? Want to know what to anticipate, or if it’s worth your time? Our Ambassadors from our Chinese/Lunar New Year Celebrations have you covered. Each ambassador has provided a brief description … Continue reading “The Ambassador Experience (Chinese/Lunar New Year)”

1 March 2019 by

Chinese/Lunar New Year – Thank You

A heartfelt ‘Thank you!’ to everybody who attended, co-ordinated, filmed, set-up, took down and otherwise contributed to the Spring Festival and Lunar/Chinese New Year Celebrations last week. This was our biggest event to date and witnessed collaboration amongst all five colleges, the Guild of Students, Various Student Societies, Wok Fresh and the China Institute at … Continue reading “Chinese/Lunar New Year – Thank You”

18 February 2019 by

“Xin Jia Yu Ei, Xin Ni Huad Chai” – Thailand and Chinese/Lunar New Year

Contributed by Tanyapa Tantrasadetee (Belle) Many Thais descend from Chinese ancestors, and because of this Chinese/Lunar New Year is as well celebrated in Thailand as the Thai New Year. Streets and residential areas—especially the China Town in Bangkok—are full of decorations like the infamous red lanterns. Marketing campaigns are launched and specialized for the Chinese … Continue reading ““Xin Jia Yu Ei, Xin Ni Huad Chai” – Thailand and Chinese/Lunar New Year”

7 February 2019 by

Zefang Zhang’s (Fancy’s) “3-2-1” story on celebrating the Spring Festival

Contributed by Zefang Zhang (Fancy) This is my third time celebrating the Spring Festival on an island: I am from Beijing, which is a very famous city you may be familiar with in northern China. Of all the times I have celebrated the Spring Festival, this is only my third time doing so on an … Continue reading “Zefang Zhang’s (Fancy’s) “3-2-1” story on celebrating the Spring Festival”

4 February 2019 by