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Page Breaks – 03 November – Virgin River

[Note from 27 October: Team! I’m so sorry for the clerical error – this week’s Page Breaks was all ready to go and (unbeknownst to me) languishing as an unpublished draft. We’ll push to next week, at which point I will have seen this episode 3 times…TJ]

Our next Page Breaks session will be on 03 November at 1 pm, and we’ll be discussing an episode of the Netflix series Virgin River. We’ll be thinking in particular about the representation of nature as healing, and the use of small town tropes in this episode. Thanks to Tom for this week’s suggestion!

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“Time” and “Place”

  • Wed 03 November, 1 pm
  • Zoom: Link (Password: pagebreaks)

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon! This event is run by Dorothy Butchard and Toria Johnson (d.butchard@bham.ac.uk and t.johnson@bham.ac.uk). Please email us if you have any questions, but you’re welcome to just turn up.


Page Breaks is a (very) informal weekly reading group within the Department of English Literature. All welcome!