Page Breaks – back soon!

Who knows what 2021 has in store for us – but Page Breaks, our weekly reading group for postgraduate researchers in english lit, will be back in the w/c 1 Feb. We’ll continue to meet weekly online via Zoom, and we look forward to seeing new and familiar faces!

4 January 2021 by

Page Breaks: The Meaning of Mariah

On Wed 2 Dec our text is the short but intriguing preface to Mariah Carey’s memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey. We’ll think about Mariah’s refusal to acknowledge the concept of time… and perhaps also check in on her enduring presence as a Christmas icon.

27 November 2020 by

Page Breaks: The Museum Will Not Be Decolonised

On Wed 25 Nov we’ll discuss how country houses and museums have (and have not) grappled with the complex histories that define Britain’s past, including structures of racism and colonialism. Our text for this week is Sumaya Kassim’s video essay ‘The Museum Will Not Be Decolonised’ (2017). See you there!

20 November 2020 by

Page Breaks: Streaming and the Mainstream

On Wed 18 Nov we’ll consider the pleasures and problems of pop culture in an era of streaming and digital on-demand. Our text for this week is Simon Reynolds’s 2019 article “Streaming has killed the mainstream: the decade that broke popular culture”. See you there!

13 November 2020 by

Page Breaks – We’re Back!

Our first Page Breaks of 2020-21 will be on Wed 30 July at 1pm. We’ll start the new academic year by thinking about literary responses to the pandemic – past, present, and future. Our text for this week is Parul Seghal’s article “In Search of Time Lost and Newly Found”.

23 September 2020 by