DL Research Connections

Join us for the first in a new series of informal research + conversation sessions for distance learning postgraduate researchers in English Literature. Monday 24th April 4:30pm, via Zoom.

6 April 2023 by

Works Loved

This week’s Page Breaks session will return to our ‘Works Loved’ format. We often have a cohering theme, but this week we invite you to bring any favourite text. Are there books that you return to in difficult times? Passages you read for pleasure or relaxation? A text you’ve read recently but anticipate will stay … Continue reading “Works Loved”

21 November 2022 by

Page Breaks: Twitter Fiction

As Elon takes over Twitter, we’ll think about some creative literary uses of the platform. On Tuesday 8th November, our topic is the concise art of Twitter Fiction. Love it or hate it, come along to share your views – or find out what it is!

4 November 2022 by

Works Loved: Magic! (Tuesday 25 October)

Welcome! On Tuesday 25th October, in honour of Halloween, we invite you to bring any and all texts relating to magic. Come along to share works of fiction, film, or other media that you’ve enjoyed on this theme.

19 October 2022 by