Transcribe Estoria comes to an end. Maybe…

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As this stage of transcribeestoria comes to an end we would like to send a big thank you to all of you who have taken part in our project. We had 300 people sign up for the project, and though the numbers who took part each week were lower, we are very pleased at the interest shown. Part of our original objective was to show that there is a public out there which is interested in Spanish medieval manuscripts and history, and we think that this project has confirmed our view. So thank you all again!

We hope you have learned a lot, but most of all we hope you have enjoyed our journey together through the world of medieval manuscripts. These precious objects are a wonderful example of cultural heritage and we hope to have allowed a better glimpse of a world which has been hidden so long to so many.

Before we say goodbye (for now), we have one last favour to ask you. In order for us to learn what worked well (or badly…!) we would ask you to fill in another brief questionnaire:

And if you need a certificate from us, mail us at The materials that we have prepared for Transcibe Estoria will remain available to you, and to anyone else who might wish to use them in future. Of course, you can also still keep transcribing the extra folios that are already on the Transcribe tab if you wish, and we will always respond to any queries, though we won’t be able to give detailed feedback on all the transcriptions for now.

We do hope to continue, and to expand in the future. We have ambitious plans to extend the number of manuscripts available and to extend the training courses and all the supplementary materials in the future. Do let us know if you would like to take part. We are very committed to ensuring that a wider public has access to these fascinating materials and we are we are also really pleased to know that there is interest in contributing to our research.

Together we are broadening and deepening our knowledge of the past, and hopefully adding to it at the Estoria Digital – for as Alfonso says:

Ca si por las escripturas non fuesse; qual sabiduria o engenno de omne se podrie menbrar de todas las cosas passadas aun que no las fallassen de nueuo que es cosa muy mas grieue. (EED 1.9)

We aim to continue, and we hope you do too!

We’ll keep updating our Facebook and Twitter feeds, so keep an eye out for us there.

In the mean time, ¡Albricias! and thank you.

Aengus, Ricardo and Polly


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