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The latest Programme ‘Meet the Team’ interview comes from Alison Jinks, Workstream Lead for HR and Payroll elements of the new system.

What is your role on New Core?

I am the Workstream Lead for HR and Payroll. This involves ensuring the University’s needs and priorities are taken into account when deciding how to implement the HR and Payroll functionality in the new system.

What were you doing before joining New Core?

I have worked for the HR function in a variety of different roles for the last 21 years.  I was involved in implementing the WCN e-recruitment system and Eploy. From there I got the system bug.

What has been your focus over the past few weeks/months?

Just before Christmas 2017 we finished the build stage of the project and moved into the first round of testing. Given that people’s pay is involved we can’t do enough testing! At the same time we are finishing the build of a document management system that will be used to track, manage and store HR, Payroll and Finance documents. We are also looking forward and thinking about how we actually make the change from one-system to the next, as well has how we will support and develop the new system post-go-live.

What are you most looking forward to in the new system?

That implementing the system will never end and can always be improved! We will get quarterly releases of new functionality that are developed by Oracle for its global customers. This will mean that the software will not degenerate in the way it has with our current systems which are over 20 years old.


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