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The latest New Core Meet the Team interview comes from Erica Conway, UoB Finance Director and New Core Programme Sponsor.

What is your role on New Core?

I am the UEB sponsor as part of my new role as FD, although I have been involved in the project for some time now. Whilst this involves a significant amount of time, it is part of a day job rather than all of it. My role is in part to ensure the project delivers its aims but also to help with internal engagement and communication at senior levels including UEB and Council.

What were you doing before joining New Core?

I was the Deputy Director of Finance before, which meant I was involved as part of the Business As Usual elements, and many of my team were involved part time in the project already. I became FD in July when Chris Granger retired.

What has been your focus over the past few weeks/months?

Getting my head around all the terms and the activities in the project has been a key focus. Meeting the team and getting to grips with what a project in critical care means has been a steep learning curve but everyone has been very supportive and patient with me.  I have also been raising the profile of the project with UEB and helping us all to find the elements of the project that we can individually champion. The level of commitment and hard work being shown by the UoB team is stunning and everyone is working to ensure we are ready for go-live.

What are you most looking forward to in the new system?

The significant improvement in management oversight coming from the visibility of information will be a big change and one that will deliver real benefits in our day to day operations. The system is much more easily navigated than the ones it replaces and once we are used to it, it will save everyone time. It looks and feels modern and is akin to systems we all use outside of work.

I also think  the move from preventative controls to detective ones is important as it shows trust and engagement with our people and makes the operation of the control more interesting, but I do realise that might just be the past auditor in me getting excited!

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