How to write, submit and advertise your blog post

Both the Social Sciences Birmingham and Birmingham Business School platforms give faculty from
across the College of Social Sciences (CoSS) a platform to share their views and expertise on current
affairs and issues surrounding their research.

The CoSS Marketing and Communications team will contact academics directly on certain topics
however we are always looking for new content. If you would like to become a contributor please get in
touch with a topic and a short overview (approx. 100-150 words) on what your piece will cover.* This
will then also provide us with the opportunity, where appropriate, to pitch your piece to other outlets
such as The Conversation, the Birmingham Brief or the Birmingham Perspective.

*Please note as we often receive several responses to our more popular requests, we cannot guarantee
that your article will be published onto either of our platforms. The 100-150 words will allow for
further discussions and guidance from the team to help narrow the focus on what is being sought,
ensuring the content is appropriate for our audience and is suitably different from other stories before
you start writing. We appreciate how busy you are and we do not want to create additional work or
disappoint if your piece is not published.

Guidance for blog posts

Audience: Other academics and the general public

Title: Choose a short, snappy and engaging title. This should summarise your blog and be appropriate
for the audience. A question is a great way to engage- be intriguing, thought provoking and topical.

Your blog post

  • Max 500- 600 words
  • Write in plain English – avoid jargon and explain complex ideas
  • Write an introduction: introduce the topic to the audience and what the blog will include
  • Get your point(s) across concisely and engagingly
  • Be specific, use specific examples and relate to the audience
  • Be yourself, write in your own voice and convey a sense of your personality
  • Use language and ideas your audience can relate to
  • Use short paragraphs and sentences ( around 15-20 words and suitable for reading on mobile
  • Make sure the piece is easy to read, consistent and your points are in a logical order
  • Conclude your piece, include a summary of what you have discussed
  • Include images where possible.
  • The Conversation is a good example of the tone and style of blogs we’re looking for.

Submitting your blog post

Submit your blog and any images to the College Communications Team at

Advertising your blog post

Blogs will be promoted through the College, University and any relevant School-centric social media
accounts as well as featured in the College and School newsletters. For maximum reach and
engagement, we would also encourage you to share these on your own social media accounts. We will
schedule them into our content plan and this may mean your blog will not be published for a few

If your blog relates to a specific current affair or is related to an outside topic that is date
dependent then please do let us know so that we are able to schedule accordingly.
If there are any particular stakeholders (such as charities, potentials funders, community groups) that
you would like us to target, please let us know when submitting your blog so we can include this in the
communications plan.

Please clearly state the title of the blog and whether you are happy for the Marketing and
Communications team to edit your blog e.g. grammar or structure.