Unfiltered is an episodic series within the College of Social Sciences that allows our experts to sit down over a coffee to discuss topical issues that relate to their field of research.

Episode 4: Has consumerism stolen Christmas?

Featuring Isabelle Szmigin, Professor of Marketing and Caroline Moraes, Senior Lecturer in Marketing.

Episode 3: Why do we need more female CEOs?

Featuring Professor Kiran Trehan, Director of WE-LEAD and Andy Lee, Strategic Lead for Diversity in Business, Natwest.

Episode 2: What does it mean to be British?

Featuring Dr Nando Sigona, Reader in International Migration and Forced Displacement and Doctoral Researcher April-Louise Pennant.

Episode 1: All things considered, is the world really such a bad place?

Featuring Scott Lucas, Professor of  American Studies and Doctoral Researcher Amelia Morris.