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Welcome written in multiple languagesWelcome to the Institute of Metabolism & Systems Research’s (IMSR) new blog ‘We Are IMSR’!

We Are IMSR is our blog which features stories, news and information about our public and patient engagement and involvement activities and events. If you are interested in detailed information about our research or the teaching we offer, please visit our main site: www.birmingham.ac.uk/IMSR

On this blog you’ll find:

  • PROJECTS: Explore creative projects and community activities inspired by our research
  • COLLABORATE: Discover how public and patient involvement groups support and improve the quality of research
  • PARTICIPATE: Find research studies in the IMSR that are actively recruiting participants and volunteers
  • EVENTS: Search upcoming opportunities to meet our researchers and learn about IMSR’s work, as well as sharing your own perspectives on what we do

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Keep checking back, as we’ll be updating new events and stories regularly!