Another ‘Pituitary Open Morning’ success!

IMSR researcher Professor Niki Karavitaki lead coordination of another successful patient engagement event in partnership with endocrine research nurses and other clinician colleagues at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Together, the Birmingham Pituitary team gave a series of short presentations and interactive discussions on pituitary conditions, sharing the latest research findings and discussing the pituitary service. … Continue reading “Another ‘Pituitary Open Morning’ success!”

SIMBA Adrenal 3.0 thanks patient representatives

Last week IMSR researchers took a lead role in a two-day SIMBA continuing professional development (CDP) programme aimed at medical professionals and medical students. Over 100 registered. The innovative SIMBA programme uses simulation-based learning to provide scaffolded learning based on real-life case studies. The theme focused on the Adrenal Gland and this is the third … Continue reading “SIMBA Adrenal 3.0 thanks patient representatives”