The IMSR has many different research groups based within it. Broadly speaking our research falls into four areas:

  • Metabolism
  • Endocrinology
  • Maternal Health & Reproduction.
  • Systems Modelling & Quantitative Biomedicine

All of our research is societally relevant. Therefore, the work we do could potentially be of relevance to anyone, from everyday people on the street to professional athletes to those suffering from life-threatening health conditions such as cancer or organ failure. We are interested in developing our fundamental understanding of mechanisms within the body to understand why some people develop conditions such as diabetes, hormone disorders or infertility. We also carry out translational work using our evidence-based research findings to inform clinical practice, through our close links with hospitals. Indeed many IMSR researchers and collaborators are also clinicians working in hospitals and healthcare settings. Our work has the ultimate goal of working towards improving treatments and patient care which will benefit people’s quality of life whilst also making it easier for the healthcare system to cope with the big healthcare challenges of today and the future.

We have a number of different creative public engagement projects and community activities inspired by our research. See our Inspiration section for photos of some of our recent IMSR public engagement!

We are particularly keen to engage with lived experience groups (e.g. past or present patients) and young people considering science as a future career. We also collaborate with charities and patient support groups who share these interests. These are just a few of the projects running currently:

IMSR community photoWe Are IMSR Community Festival – an annual festival hosted over several days by the IMSR for public, patient and charity partners. The event is organized and programmed by the IMSR Community Action Team, but it involves many different groups of people across the IMSR. This event is also a key opportunity for us to welcome young people as well as patient and public groups to attend and meet our researchers face-to-face. Find out more about plans for this year here.  The IMSR is thrilled to announce that the Society for Endocrinology has awarded a £1000 grant to Dr Caroline Gillett, to develop a range of age-appropriate endocrinology public engagement activities for school children. These will be delivered at We Are IMSR Community Day this summer.

DAISy-PCOS Public Engagement – a Wellcome-Trust funded public engagement project focused on polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

The project involves a diverse cohort of women, most of which have PCOS. These women are motivated to raise awareness of PCOS through co-developing and delivering community engagement. Together they are taking part in a unique training programme that will equip them with skills and confidence to advocate alongside researchers, whilst also sharing their own knowledge and skills with the research team. For more information visit or contact the project manager Caroline Gillett.

SMQB Artists-in-Residence – a creative artist residency programme within the Centre for Systems Modelling & Quantitative Biomedicine (SMQB), led by SMQB Director, Professor John Terry and programme manager Caroline Gillett. The residency brings together artists and researchers for collaborative arts-based projects linked to contemporary research at University of Birmingham. Works are showcased together at an end of project exhibition and through a series of public events.

Poster for Pregnancy in Covid-19 webinar events
Poster for Pregnancy in Covid-19 webinar events

#GlobalPregCov Webinars – Based in the IMSR, the WHO Collaborating Centre for Global Women’s Health has been collaborating with Elly Charity on a series of online global learning events on evidence-based guidance for the management and care of pregnant women during the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 in Pregnancy #GlobalPregCov events are free and open to all, but of particular relevance to those caring for pregnant women and newborns. Professor Shakila Thangaratinam leads this initiative with coordination support from Ngawai Moss & Caroline Gillett.

IMSR showcase at University Hospitals Birmingham – an annual showcase event hosted at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham, organized by Birmingham Health Partners. Many IMSR researchers take part each year, alongside researchers from other Institutes. Keep an eye out for announcements related to this later in the year.

IMSR researchers: Do you have a public engagement project you would like to see listed here? Get in touch with the IMSR Community & Public Engagement lead Dr Caroline Gillett: