Does your child have epilepsy, autism or ADHD?

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Image shows a drawing of a brain and swiggles made from colourful pipe cleaners coming out of it to represent ideas and thoughts, alongside the word ADHD.

Researchers at University of Birmingham are organising an event next Friday 28th April between 1-4pm in Birmingham city centre. They are interested in sharing some of their research related to epilepsy, autism and ADHD; to gather feedback/questions; and also to learn more about the lived experiences and priorities of families with a child who has one or more of these conditions, as they are beginning to develop future research in this area.

The event is very informal and discursive in nature, it is not a research study itself, but rather an opportunity for the research team to better understand parents/carers/young people’s concerns and needs in relation to managing these conditions. 

As a small thank you, we are offering a £50 Amazon voucher to those taking part (one voucher per family). You are very welcome to bring your child/children if you wish to, as we also have some fun activities and a kid’s entertainer arranged for children to take part in. 

If you are interested please email Caroline, one of the event organisers:

Spaces are limited, get in touch early. Thanks and we hope to hear from you!