Society for Endocrinology Public Engagement Award

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Dr Caroline Gillett has been successfully awarded a Society for Endocrinology grant of £1000 to support the Institute of Metabolism & Systems Research’s public engagement work. Working with her colleagues in the Community Action Team the funding will enable the volunteer team to carry out activities targeting young children under 12 and their families.

Exploring the Everyday Power of Hormones by Working Together 

Building on our activities at CoCoMAD festival last year and this year with a lens on diabetes, the project aims to bring greater public awareness and understanding of ‘The Everyday Power of Hormones’. We chose to focus this on diabetes due to strong relevance to Birmingham (high prevalence, ethnically diverse communities etc.) and because our team felt confident we could pool expertise in this area. ‘Working Together’ will be emphasized through mission-style activities requiring collaboration and engagement with IMSR scientists working in different areas such as cell science, mathematical modelling and clinical science. We will highlight diverse endocrinology-based careers and their ability to make a positive impact on health and society.

More information on where to engage with our project is coming soon!

Scientists interested in volunteering with our team would be welcome to get I touch with CAT for more info.

With special thanks to the Society for Endocrinology for supporting us to undertake this project.