PGRs and ECRs get crafty at clay workshop

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AUTHOR OF THIS POST: Rahatil Chowdhury

Last week, PGRs and ECRs from across the institutes came together and took part in creating fantastic pieces at a clay workshop run by Rachel Akers and organised by Dr. Gabriela Da Silva Xavier.      

Photograph shows group of 16 people from a wide variety of backgrounds, ethnicities and ages stood together behind a table displaying their clay artworks. The group represents staff and students at the medical school who have taken part in a clay workshop as part of a team building and networking initiative.
Photo shows a close of approximately 20 different clay artworks ranging in shapes from vases and animal figurines t to miniature castles and other structures. The pieces are presented together on a table and represent the artworks created by hand by students and staff participating in a clay workshop.

Images taken by Dr Christian Ludwig.

The workshop was both the setting for PGRS and ECRs to network across different institutes as well as the opportunity to unwind and de-stress after a busy semester of submissions and deadlines. Rachel Akers, a talented artist who promotes workplace well-being through art workshops, provided tips to constructing beautiful sculptures, using many of her own pieces as inspiration. PGRs and ECRs produced intricate and detailed artwork highlighting their talents in sculpturing. The evening ended with an assortment of food and drinks, a chance for researchers to continue their mingling, and a group photo to remember the fabulous evening by.

Thank you to Dr Gabriela Da Silva Xavier and Rachel Akers for setting up an event enjoyed by researchers across the university.