SMQB Artists in Residence meet to share updates

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Photograph of 23 people of mixed gender, ages and ethnicity sat together smiling facing the camera. This includes artists, researchers and support staff at a university.

SMQB’s latest batch of artists in residences met recently to share updates on their projects as they each approach the midway point of their collaborations.

So far, creative works range from poetry and paintings, through to installations, video art and performance pieces. You can find out more by reading through the artist progress blogs. Expect a new blog each week from a different artist between February and April, read them here.

Excitingly a date has already been set for the exhibition launch which will be taking place on the evening of Friday June 7th. Pencil in the date now and we will be sharing more details in the next few months!

For questions/info please contact the Artist in Residence manager, Dr Caroline Gillett.