SIMBA Adrenal 3.0 thanks patient representatives

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Photograph of approximately 50 people stood together. This includes a mixture of sexes, ages, ethnicities and represents the participants who attended the SIMBA event.

Last week IMSR researchers took a lead role in a two-day SIMBA continuing professional development (CDP) programme aimed at medical professionals and medical students. Over 100 registered.

The innovative SIMBA programme uses simulation-based learning to provide scaffolded learning based on real-life case studies.

The theme focused on the Adrenal Gland and this is the third (hence Adrenal 3.0) event on this interesting area of endocrinology. Cases in this round featured Cushing’s Disease, Adrenal Cancer, Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasioa, pheochromocytoma and more, with clinician-scientist experts flying in from Serbia, France and Germany, as well as areas of the UK.

IMSR clinician-scientists Dr Cristina Ronchi and Dr Alessandro Prete chaired sessions as lead organisers, along with lead chair Dr Punith Kempegowda from IAHR. Dr Caroline Gillett from IMSR also helped coordinate patient representation at the event.

The whole event is itself brought to life with huge amounts of medical student support, as students take leading role in running simulations, event promotion and event logistics. Bravo to all the fantastic students within the SIMBA student committee.

We would like to thank the participation of patient representatives Jo Grey (AMEND; ACC Support), Dominic Hargreaves (Addisons Disease Self Help Group) and Caz Brown (The Pituitary Foundation) for their moving and impactful talks and for generously engaging with our participants. We would also like to thank the many other patients who provided feedback on the case studies. These thoughts were compiled and shared alongside clinician expert feedback, ensuring patient perspectives were also embedded into the medical training – a unique part of the SIMBA offering.