SMQB Artists in Residence 2023-24 kick off!

The Centre for Systems Modelling & Quantitative Biomedicine (SMQB) recently kicked off it’s its latest round of seedcorn projects which bring interdisciplinary teams together for 6 months research pilots using quantitative skills to advance biomedical challenges in a wide range of topic areas. Also joining each of the research teams were 9 SMQB Artists in … Continue reading “SMQB Artists in Residence 2023-24 kick off!”

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SMQB Artists in Residence: Open Call

The latest Artist in Residence (AIR) callout is open. This opportunity is based with the Centre for Systems Modelling & Quantitative Biomedicine (SMQB), part of the IMSR. Projects typically have a healthcare focus and involve scientists from two or more disciplines. Artists are paired with an interdisciplinary research team for a 6-month period. Further details … Continue reading “SMQB Artists in Residence: Open Call”

New #SMQBair blog from artist Karina Thompson!

The lastest SMBQ Artist in Residence (aka #SMQBair) blog is up, this time from artist Karina Thompson. Karina is a textile artist based in Birmingham and she has been exhibiting work in this medium since 1987. In her blog post, Karina describes her artistic process & the mathematical modelling research on Epilepsy, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity … Continue reading “New #SMQBair blog from artist Karina Thompson!”

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