Traffic Lights

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We have a plan.

Okay, we have part of a plan.

We have twelve percent of a plan.

That’s a fake laugh.

Anyway, we’re almost down to the wire for submissions to The Routledge Companion to World Cinema and I’m off on holiday for a few weeks so I thought I’d check on the incoming, outgoing and lost at sea.

Which is where the traffic lights come in.

Red for nothing yet. Like, sure we’re in contact occasionally, and we don’t think the contributor has forgotten and we just know it’s going to be great when we do receive it, but it just hasn’t happened yet.

Amber for having submitted and it’s been read by at least two of us, been bathed in comments and suggestions even, and respectfully returned for a rewrite. Which, technically, puts them in the red column, but for the fact that we know the chapter exists.

Green. We love green.

And the running totals?

10 reds.

16 ambers.

14 greens.

Which is better than eleven per cent of a plan.



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