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On Monday 19th March the BEAR team supported the launch of The Hacker Within (THW), a group designed to enable people interested in coding to share practice, skills and ask questions on research computing and data science. Having booked a room for 30 people, we were amazed to see a turnout of around 70 (and slightly concerned about where to put everyone!), so it was fortunate that the larger room next door was available.
Matthew Brett from Psychology, who instigated the launch of THW at Birmingham, gave an engaging and enjoyable presentation on the history of and concept behind THW, and how it relates to academia. Fundamental to this is bringing useful and important tools and practices for effective computing to the community, enabling people to be more productive and better at collaborating.It was fantastic to see so many people interested in coding, both staff and students. We are aiming to hold sessions each month and are looking for presenters to get involved. If you would like to tell the community about your coding experiences, introduce a new library, or run a demonstration, please contact Debbie Carter – next session is on Monday 16th April, so let’s see how many hackers will be there (and this time we do have a bigger room!).

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