Digital Research Conversations – Sustainable Computing

In our 9th Digital Research Conversation, held on the 13th December 2023, researchers and Advanced Research Computing staff gave us an insight into how and why sustainable research computing should be on everybody’s agenda. Kirsty McCready, our Research Engagement and Data Group Intern, led the event and provides a summary below. There is no question … Continue reading “Digital Research Conversations – Sustainable Computing”

Digital Research Conversations – Love your Code/Software

Software is increasingly important for researchers, with both research staff and students finding themselves needing to write and develop their own software to produce data (e.g. through simulations) or analyse their results. There is a need to understand how to manage software used in research, including its curation, citation and how to store and share … Continue reading “Digital Research Conversations – Love your Code/Software”

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Data Horror Stories

Have you ever lost your research data? Left a memory stick in a public computer? Not been able to find the crucial bit of data underpinning your publication? In a return to our in-person Digital Research Conversations, held on the 2nd November 2022, we covered some data horror stories but most importantly, offered advice on … Continue reading “Data Horror Stories”

Engaging Researchers Remotely with Data Management

It had been a while since we had run a Digital Research Conversations (DRC) event, partly due to the pandemic but also as we had no less than 26 of our BEAR users speaking at the BEAR Conference in September. Thanks to the hard work of the PGR organising Committee, the Conference moved from being … Continue reading “Engaging Researchers Remotely with Data Management”

Using VR, AR and data visualisation in research

It was another sell-out crowd for our 5th Digital Research Conversation, held on 10th September, where our five speakers discussed Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and data visualisation. Augmented Reality is where a real-world environment is enhanced with computer-generated information such as digital images, projections and holograms eg. Pokemon GO. Virtual Reality is where … Continue reading “Using VR, AR and data visualisation in research”

Popular discussion topics for researchers

The Digital Research Conversations (DRC) are a series of sessions where we encourage researchers from across the University of Birmingham to come together to discuss topics around data management. As we start planning the sixth DRC, I’ve been looking back at past DRC’s to assess the most popular topics and whether we could update on … Continue reading “Popular discussion topics for researchers”

Making Sense of Your Data!

We welcomed a sell-out crowd to our fourth Digital Research Conversation on Tuesday 9th April, to discuss ‘Making Sense of your Data’. After some networking whilst munching on pizza and brownies, it was onto the talks and Nina Vyas from the Dental School introduced us to the use of machine learning for analysing microscopy images. … Continue reading “Making Sense of Your Data!”

Is Open Data Possible in the Social Sciences?…And Other Tips for Data Sharing

On Wednesday 7th November, we held our third Digital Research Conversation on Data Sharing amid torrential rain. After some well-deserved pizza, it was onto the talks and Aslam Ghumra from our team Advanced Research Computing started us off describing how the Research Data Archive has changed to become the BEAR Archive. Where previously we provided … Continue reading “Is Open Data Possible in the Social Sciences?…And Other Tips for Data Sharing”

Data Security: A Hot Topic

On Wednesday 14th March we held the second in our series of Digital Research Conversations on Data Security. With the upcoming changes in Data Protection regulations (GDPR) in May on everyone’s minds, it seemed to be a popular subject to discuss. The majority of our attendees were from the Medical School, understandably as they deal … Continue reading “Data Security: A Hot Topic”

Our first Digital Research Conversation!

On Wednesday 6th December we held our first Digital Research Conversation or DRC to a sell out crowd! The topic was ‘Managing Data from Creation to Destruction’ and our aim was to follow the example set by the University of Lancaster with their Data Conversations where they encourage researchers to come together to talk about … Continue reading “Our first Digital Research Conversation!”