Research Data Storage Issues and Plans

Over recent months, many of you will have direct experience of some instability in the core storage that underpins most of the BEAR services. The Research Data Store (RDS) infrastructure is ageing and approaching capacity. The better news is that plans for its replacement are well advanced with the primary orders already with suppliers. We … Continue reading “Research Data Storage Issues and Plans”

BEAR Service Outage/Disruption for Essential Data Centre Maintenance – April 12th – April 16th 2018

Summary [April 12th – April 16th 2018]  IT Services with Estates engineers will be carrying out essential maintenance to the power supplies to the University’s primary Data Centre during the second weekend in April which will entail a total power down of the centre. Additionally, they will carry out the annual fire systems testing postponed … Continue reading “BEAR Service Outage/Disruption for Essential Data Centre Maintenance – April 12th – April 16th 2018”

Award winning projects!

We’re here to help support researchers at Birmingham and we’re really proud to have been supporting the CLIMB project over the past few years. This year, the MRC-funded Cloud Infrastructure for Microbial Bioinformatics (CLIMB) has been recognised in the annual international HPCWire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards, announced at the SuperComputing 2017 conference in Denver. The … Continue reading “Award winning projects!”

Digital Preservation

What do we understand by ‘preserving data’? I recently went to a workshop / conference led by the Preservation and archiving special interest group, or PASIG for short ( in mid-September 2017.  It was the first time I had entered an area which seems to be the domain of librarians and archivist. I was slightly … Continue reading “Digital Preservation”

A student in Research Computing

I am an undergraduate Computer Science student here at the University, just starting my third year of study of a five year degree and I’m eager to get going again. I started work in the Research Computing team at the end of my first year and I have been ever-present since, working full time over … Continue reading “A student in Research Computing”

We’re Exploding

As an ambitious, research-intensive institution, the University of Birmingham’s vision is to inspire today’s brightest researchers to make a major impact on global society and to become the leaders of tomorrow. To support researchers in making this vision a reality, the University is committed to providing world-class facilities, including compute power, data services, visualisation and … Continue reading “We’re Exploding”

Research Data Network York

Last week I attended my first Research Data Management (RDM)-related event. It was the 4th in the series run by JISC called Research Data Network and it was held at the University of York where I studied as an undergraduate, so I was keen to see how the University had changed. The answer was ‘a … Continue reading “Research Data Network York”

My first week in Research Computing

Although I am not new to the University (having previously been in Biosciences), I have recently moved into the very different area of IT Services. Instead of being the researcher, I will now be advising them and promoting specialist computing services. I have been impressed so far by the facilities available in the building; a … Continue reading “My first week in Research Computing”