Bear on Tour! (Richard Turner)

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Our next researcher in the #BearonTour series is Richard Turner, a Research Fellow in the computational modelling and materials simulation Research Group, PRISM2, in the School of Metallurgy & Materials.

Richard showing Bear some of the equipment in the PRISM facility
Bear having a tour of the PRISM facilities!

Q1 – Tell me about your research
We simulate manufacturing processes and in-service conditions of metallic components, to understand the thermal and mechanical loading upon it to generate predictions of stresses and strains within the component. This helps us to understand how this will have an impact upon the component life, and component or material suitability for use. These components can be used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and nuclear.

Q2 – How do you use BEAR services?
We use the compute nodes on BlueBEAR to submit large Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and finite element models to calculate. We use the storage facilities (Research Data Store) to save very large data sets and modelling outputs.

Richard showing Bear some CFD modelling on the computer
Simulation in action

Q3 – What is the best thing about BEAR (apart from me)
BEAR provides a platform for our researchers to compute simulations which are beyond the capabilities of our desktop workstations. The access is free, and the BEAR team provide us with excellent support should any unexpected error messages be generated.

Thanks to Richard for a really interesting tour of the PRISM facilities.
Look out for our next researcher soon!