Bear on Tour (Adriane Esquivel Muelbert)

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Our next researcher in the #BearonTour series is Adriane Esquivel Muelbert, Assistant Professor in Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences. Adriane works with BiFoR, the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research. Adriane’s ResearchGate.

Bear enjoying the sunshine with staff and students at BIFoR
Bear enjoying the sunshine with staff and students at BIFoR

Q1 – Tell me about your research
I study the impact of global change on forests. We aim to understand how the dynamics of forests are changing and how different species of trees are responding to global change across the world – from the Amazon to Finland! We are lucky to have a big climate change experiment here (BIFoR FACE) where we look into the impact on elevated CO2 on UK forests, from roots to the canopy.

Bear using tools with a tree
Let’s get to work!

Q2 – How do you use BEAR services?
We use BEAR services to store, share and analyse our data. These are data of tree-by-tree measurements from across the world, we have million of trees in our database at the moment. We also store lots of cool remote sensing images and images from roots in BIFoR FACE, which help us understand how forests are and will be responding to global change from micro to macro scales.

Bear using a computer
That’s a lot of tree data!

Q3 – What is the best thing about BEAR (apart from me)
BEAR is a safe place for us to store our data, it is easy to use and has great support. This is very important to allow everyone to use remote computing. We also love the BEAR itself, and it seems they love being in the forest too.

Staff and students in the hemispheric camera
Don’t we look great in the hemispheric camera! (used to measure canopy coverage)

Thanks to Adriane, her students and the team at BIFoR for welcoming Bear (hope we get to visit in person one day!).

Look out for our next researcher soon!