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09/07/18-13/07/18 : CTL Training Week

Hello and welcome to the CTL EdTech Interns! It started with just 4 students (which later grew to 6) interested in the use of ed tech in the new fancy looking collaborative labs being built for the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Bio Sciences and Life and Environmental Sciences here at UOB.

We started training with the Maple TA interns who were a larger group of students made up of physics, maths and computer science students who were much more experienced than us with computer coding (and are very lovely people). After being kicked out of our original room in the Nuffield building, we all met in the Poynting building where we were introduced to Nicola, Jon, Tom and the rest of the Maple/CTL team.  Jon started the training in the use of Maple/Mobius (I still don’t know the difference between the two if I’m completely honest) which was followed by us playing around with the software and making questions taken out from GCSE Maths, Physics and Chemistry papers. We were then taught how to juggle (obviously) which was meant to act as a stress relief for when your code didn’t work but ended up being more frustrating because we couldn’t juggle. Although shadowed by the much more experienced Maple TA interns, us CTL lot held our own and kept up successfully with the training.

Following a successful and very interesting first day, the next couple of days were much more challenging when we started making questions for university level Maths. With the first task being “create a random symmetric matrix” and not knowing what a matrix even is, we knew this wasn’t the level of training we needed for the CTL internship. After being kicked out of our room in Nuffield again, We then moved over to work with Darren and Jack who trained us in making CTL Canvas pages which was a bit of a breather from the Maths heavy Maple questions. The rest of the week was then filled with playing around with what you can do with Canvas, more juggling and being kicked out of all the rooms we had booked. Despite us moving from room to room, the week was a lot of fun and we overcame a lot of challenges.

We are excited on updating you with our progress!


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