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The Ramadan Project 2019

The UoB Cultural Calendar are proud to announce that we will be collaborating with the UoB Islamic Society for their upcoming commemoration of Ramadan! Every year the Islamic Society organise a Ramadan Project, which provides a free Iftar and Taraweeh to staff, students, and the local community everyday of Ramadan in the Multi-faith Chaplaincy. This is an outstanding student-led commemoration and the Islamic Society want to make this years the biggest yet. Naturally, and event of this size wouldn’t be possible without voluntary support, and donations. For more information about how to get involved please visit @UoBIslamicSociety or @UBISOC

During the Ramadan Project, the Islamic Society also host a big Community Iftar; an event that reaches beyond UoB into the wider Birmingham Community. It’s not uncommon for local celebrities and politicians to attend the Community Iftar, and all are welcome whether Muslim or Non-Muslim, student or non-student. This year’s Community Iftar will take place on the 25th of May, at the newly opened Green Heart at 8PM. The event is completely free, but to monitor potential attendance the Islamic Society would appreciate if interested parties could sign up on the Eventbrite page.

More details about the Community Iftar can be found on the Facebook event page. Alternatively, if you follow the blog, more information about the event’s logistics will be announced in a forthcoming post.

Finally, in commemoration of Ramadan the UoB Cultural Calendar are also accepting blog submissions about Ramadan. All posts also have the chance of winning a £25 Amazon Voucher at the end of the year! Posts can be about anything from information about the history and religious significance of Ramadan, to information about personal experiences commemorating the event. We also encourage members of our international student community to submit, as we would love to hear more about how Ramadan is observed in your country!

For further guidance, or to submit a post, please contact n.f.gallen@bham.ac.uk. You might also find our post about submissions useful for further information.

The Cultural Calendar Project Team.

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