Oxana Timofeeva – ‘The History of Animals: A Philosophy’ – (30/7/19)

For our last session until September, we will be looking at selections from Oxana Timofeeva’s ‘The History of Animals: A Philosophy’. In an original and inspiring work, Oxana Timofeeva provides an ambitious response to what in philosophy has been called the ‘Animal Question’. Specifically, what is the status of the animal in philosophy? Or, why … Continue reading “Oxana Timofeeva – ‘The History of Animals: A Philosophy’ – (30/7/19)”

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Jonathan Bate – ‘Song of the Earth’ – (July 16th 5:15pm)

Great news! The Contemporary Theory group is set to continue for the next three weeks of July, and will instead break through August to resume in September. Next week on the 16th of July we will be reading the first chapter ‘Going, Going’ in Jonathan Bate’s ‘Song of the Earth’. In ‘Song of the Earth’ … Continue reading “Jonathan Bate – ‘Song of the Earth’ – (July 16th 5:15pm)”

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Rebekah Sheldon Form/Matter/Chora – July 9th 5:15pm

For the final session of our six week schedule we will be reading Rebekah Sheldon’s ‘Form/Matter/Chora: Object-Oriented Ontology and Feminist New Materialism’ from the Nonhuman Turn. This session hopes to tie up some of the themes explored over the course of the previous weeks by engaging with Sheldon’s exploration of a ‘newly emergent realism in … Continue reading “Rebekah Sheldon Form/Matter/Chora – July 9th 5:15pm”

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Aria Dean, Blacceleration – July 2nd 5:15pm

This week we will be looking at Aria Dean’s ‘Notes on Blacceleration’. An alternative to right and left accelerationisms, blaccelerationism is a portmanteau of black and accelerationism which suggests that ‘accelerationism always already exists in the territory of blackness, whether it knows it or not – and conversely blackness is always already accelerationist.’ Aria Dean’s … Continue reading “Aria Dean, Blacceleration – July 2nd 5:15pm”

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Contemporary Theory Group Relaunch – Lineup – (5:15pm, 4th of June)

The Contemporary Theory Group based at Westmere Hub is proud to announce its summer relaunch! ALL PGTs and PGRs ARE WELCOME! The first reading group will take place on the 4th of June, and will start at 5:15pm sharp. We usually meet in the lobby of Westmere, before moving into one of the side rooms. … Continue reading “Contemporary Theory Group Relaunch – Lineup – (5:15pm, 4th of June)”

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