Women, Religion and Attitudes Towards Corruption

Dr Heather Marquette is leading an international team researching ‘Religion, Ethics and Attitudes Towards Corruption’, with colleagues from the Centre for West African Studies, Universities of Hyderabad (India) and Ibadan (Nigeria), and the Nigerian Institute for Social and Economic Research Since 1996, when World Bank president James Wolfensohn spoke out against the ‘cancer of corruption’, … Continue reading “Women, Religion and Attitudes Towards Corruption”

Violence, cohesion and public space

Andrew Nickson is an expert on public administration reform, decentralisation, and the reform and regulation of service delivery.  He teaches courses in governance and development management. Last week I was working in El Salvador, a small country the size of Wales that is fast vying with Mexico to become the most dangerous country in the … Continue reading “Violence, cohesion and public space”