Hybridity: Law, Culture and Development

Nicolas Lemay-Hebert is a Senior Lecturer at the International Development Department (IDD) at the University of Birmingham. He is the co-editor of the Journal of Intervention and State building and the Routledge Series on Intervention and State building. His research interests include state building and peacebuilding, local narratives of resistance to international interventions, and the … Continue reading “Hybridity: Law, Culture and Development”

Making Climate Compatible Development Happen

Fiona Nunan is a Senior Lecturer in Environment and Development and the Director of the International Development Department.  Her interests and experience focus on natural resource governance and management in developing country settings, particularly within inland fisheries and coastal locations in East and Southern Africa, and on exploring the links between poverty and the environment. she is the … Continue reading “Making Climate Compatible Development Happen”

Kenya’s elections are much more than just a ruthless game of thrones

Justin Willis is a professor of History, University of Durham. Justin Willis’ work has been largely concerned with identity, authority and social change in eastern Africa stretching back over the last two hundred years. Gabrielle Lynch is Professor of Comparative Politics , University of Warwick. Gabrielle studied at the University of Oxford for a BA … Continue reading “Kenya’s elections are much more than just a ruthless game of thrones”