Scientists at work: tracing the path to peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Louis Monroy Santander is currently studying a PhD degree at the University of Birmingham, focusing on issues of reconciliation, post-conflict peace-building and social reconstruction in the Western Balkans (Bosnia and Kosovo). He has worked in conflict and development research for organizations in the United Kingdom and Colombia and as well in the field of education … Continue reading “Scientists at work: tracing the path to peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina”

Explainer: what is going on in Mali?

Paul Jackson is a political economist working predominantly on conflict and post-conflict reconstruction. A core area of interest is decentralisation and governance and it was his extensive experience in Sierra Leone immediately following the war that led him into the area of conflict analysis and security sector reform. After a week in which Europe was rocked … Continue reading “Explainer: what is going on in Mali?”

Understanding Poverty and the Environment: Analytical frameworks and approaches

Fiona Nunan is a Senior Lecturer in Environment and Development and Director of the International Development Department. Her interests and experience focus on natural resource governance and management in developing country settings, particularly within inland fisheries and coastal locations in East and Southern Africa, and on exploring the links between poverty and the environment. Fiona … Continue reading “Understanding Poverty and the Environment: Analytical frameworks and approaches”