How Central Asia’s authoritarian regimes have used coronavirus to their advantage

Dr Saltanat Janenova is a Teaching Fellow in Public Policy and Management in International Development Department. Her research interests are concerned with public sector reforms in Central Asia, including authoritarianism, patronage, corruption, open government, and public service innovations. Her pivot book ‘A Primer on Policy Communication in Kazakhstan’ (with B.Nair et al.) was published by Palgrave … Continue reading “How Central Asia’s authoritarian regimes have used coronavirus to their advantage”

Using Graphics to Cut Through Covid’s Complexity

Heather Marquette is Professor of Development Politics in the International Development Department, School of Government, University of Birmingham and is seconded part-time to the UK’s Department for International Development where she is Senior Research Fellow (Governance & Conflict). She has over 20 years international experience in research, policy advice, consultancy and training in governance and … Continue reading “Using Graphics to Cut Through Covid’s Complexity”

Strengthening water security for pandemic preparedness

Rachel Cooper, based at University of Birmingham, is a researcher on the K4D (Knowledge, Evidence and Learning) programme. She is currently leading a K4D Learning Journey on Water Security for the Department of International Development (DFID). The Learning Journey aims to increase DFID staff’s learning on water security and climate change. This blog was originally posted … Continue reading “Strengthening water security for pandemic preparedness”